Jacqueline Carey

Alias: Jay Carey

It's A Crime

If Gatsby and Nancy Drew had a baby, its take on Twenty-First Century American corruption and denial might be as trenchant as Jacqueline Carey’s but I doubt it.

- Roy Blount, Jr.

Pat Foy leads a charmed life. She has a closeknit family, an expensive home, and a satisfying career as a landscape designer. She also reads mystery novels all the time -- yet can’t see what is happening right in front of her eyes. She is astonished when her husband Frank is arrested for accounting fraud at LinkAge, the huge telecommunications firm. “How could anything that boring be illegal?” she wonders. Then she starts getting an answer.

White-collar mischief doesn't typically inspire vigilante justice. But that's just what happens when Pat Foy's husband is imprisoned for accounting fraud... In this ripped-from-the-headlines satire, Carey skewers corporate culture and its insidious effects: Though Dad's in jail, you can't help but think it's his family doing the hard time.

-Marie Claire

This is a very witty original look at corporate scandals and the way we live now.

-Meg Wolitzer

Selected Works

The husband of an avid mystery reader is arrested for accounting fraud in this tale of corporate culture run amok.
Two sisters each want to adopt their niece. But who will be the better mother-- the high-powered executive or the stay-at-home mom?
Abandoned by her mother in the flower power sixties, a sharp-eyed teenager watches another, apparently perfect family break up.
Twelve interlocked stories set among a small circle of friends in New York City begin and end with weddings.

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