Jacqueline Carey

Alias: Jay Carey

Bonnie and Kip are planning to marry, but they have never even lived in the same city. Where will they end up? And where on earth did Bonnie find those bridesmaids' dresses?

Wedding Pictures

"A vivid and arresting jacket, numerous full-page, full-color illustrations and a distinctively spaced text delivered entirely in captioned dialogue, like a play, make this charming book an attention-grabber. Part grown-up comic book, part wry nuptial guide, this is not a gimmick item, however, but a solid piece of work from two young artists who enhance their already fine reputations."

-Publishers Weekly

"Congratulations go to Osborn and Carey for creating what is very possibly the first optimistic book about a wedding that's neither cloying nor moralistic."

-City Pages

"For some offbeat, oddly charming and frequently hilarious writing, combined with striking art, look for Wedding Pictures."

-The San Diego Union-Tribune

Selected Works

The husband of an avid mystery reader is arrested for accounting fraud in this tale of corporate culture run amok.
Two sisters each want to adopt their niece. But who will be the better mother-- the high-powered executive or the stay-at-home mom?
Abandoned by her mother in the flower power sixties, a sharp-eyed teenager watches another, apparently perfect family break up.
Twelve interlocked stories set among a small circle of friends in New York City begin and end with weddings.

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