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It's A Crime

Rarely does a novel come along with so much ebullient wit, such ethical clarity, and so many beautiful flowers. Jacqueline Carey takes on white-collar crime, mothers and daughters, husbands and wives, and the nagging question of forsythias with equal fascination and agility. IT'S A CRIME is a joy to read.
-Cathleen Schine


The Crossley Baby

One of the great delights of The Crossley Baby is how forthrightly and naturally it looks at those great American subjects, class and race. Here we are reading a blithe comedy about motherhood wars among the well-to-do and suddenly we find ourselves in Harlem with the working poor, as angry about the lack of health care as Sunny and Leon are. This is a novel so pleasurable, so light and foamy, that we may think we will make it through the entire story without either of the surviving sisters ever once having a serious philosophical, political or spiritual insight, only to find ourselves having epiphanies right alongside them.

-Valerie Sayers, The New York Times Book Review


The Other Family

THE OTHER FAMILY is weirdly reminiscent of THE GREAT GATSBY and does to the sixties what Gatsby did to the twenties. It's as elegant, less sentimental, more wicked.

-Padgett Powell

Good Gossip

The mainstream people leading marginal lives who populate GOOD GOSSIP are considerably more charming and vastly more entertaining than the marginal people leading mainstream lives who populate real life. Jacqueline Carey is intelligent, engaging, and, most important, on the right side.

-Fran Lebowitz


Wedding Pictures

A collection of illustrated dialogues.

Wedding Pictures is both slyly observed and very, very funny. As usual, Ms. Carey manages to be both sharply satiric and affectionate towards her characters. Kathy Osborn's beautiful, detailed illustrations suit the story perfectly.

-Roz Chast