Jacqueline Carey

These are the web pages of the Jacqueline Carey who writes literary fiction. She is the winner of a Guggenheim fellowship. She is not the fantasy writer or the cordmaker, although she admires their names.

Rarely does a novel come along with so much ebullient wit, such ethical clarity, and so many beautiful flowers. Jacqueline Carey takes on white-collar crime, mothers and daughters, husbands and wives, and the nagging question of forsythias with equal fascination and agility. IT'S A CRIME is satirical, lyrical, full of heart, and a joy to read.
- Cathleen Schine

If Gatsy and Nancy Drew had a baby, its take on Twenty-First Century American corruption and denial might be as trenchant as Jacqueline Carey’s but I doubt it.

- Roy Blount, Jr.

The Boston Globe says:

This journey down the rabbit hole is not your mother's crime fiction, but in the shadow of Wall Street's current upheavals, it's oddly not that farfetched.

The Chicago Tribune says:

"It's a Crime" is a sharp and funny commentary on the times we live in, and on the high cost of self-absorption.

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Selected Works

The husband of an avid mystery reader is arrested for accounting fraud in this tale of corporate culture run amok.
Two sisters each want to adopt their niece. But who will be the better mother-- the high-powered executive or the stay-at-home mom?
Abandoned by her hippie-ish mother in the late sixties, a sharp-eyed teenager watches another, apparently perfect family break up.
Twelve interlocked stories set among a small circle of friends in New York City begin and end with weddings.