Jacqueline Carey

Alias: Jay Carey

Good Gossip

In the first, title story, a small circle of friends in Manhattan can not get over their shock: Why would exotic Susannah tie the knot with boring old Harry Tierney? Eleven stories later, another wedding looms, and still no one has figured out what marriage could be like.

Along the way you learn all the really good gossip: Why did Cole quit a journalism job most people would kill for? Is it true what they say about Dee Kilmartin, who lost all her friends when she moved uptown? And why is celebrated playwright Eileen Filley working in a greeting card store?


-David Gates
in Newsweek

"There are no dull sentences in this book."

-The New York Times

"Fresh, odd, perpetually surprising, and entirely delicious. Pure distilled N.Y.C., dry and sparkling."

-Michael Frayn

GOOD GOSSIP is so good that I've turned a little green with envy. Jacqueline Carey not only made me laugh out loud but also left me in awe of her dazzling literary skill. Insouciant and witty, she lures you on, page by entertaining page, until you're hooked by an ironic moral sensibility as acute and devastating as that of any of the masters of this genre.

-James Wilcox

Selected Works

The husband of an avid mystery reader is arrested for accounting fraud in this tale of corporate culture run amok.
Two sisters each want to adopt their niece. But who will be the better mother-- the high-powered executive or the stay-at-home mom?
Abandoned by her mother in the flower power sixties, a sharp-eyed teenager watches another, apparently perfect family break up.
Twelve interlocked stories set among a small circle of friends in New York City begin and end with weddings.

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